Safe and efficient detection of underground services…

If you are working near, or need to access underground services, such as utilities, pipes and cables, your first contact should be Vertex.

Our experienced team are RIICCM202A trained to identify, locate and protect underground services. And we pride ourselves on working safely, efficiently and quickly, so your excavation project stays on track.

We can arrange plans, positively identify all underground, and uncover them using our hydro-vac potholing machine.

Location and Hydro-vac services include:

  • Power, Communications, Water, Gas
  • Excavation around High Risk Utilities
  • Contaminated Soil Removal/Disposal
  • High Risk Trenching
  • Processing Plant Clean-ups

Vertex can:

  • Submit DBYD requests and obtain plans
  • Locate electricity, water, drainage, gas and communication assets
  • Provide 24/7 after hours emergency location services
  • Pot-hole underground assets
  • Provide advice to customers and engage with asset owners

Vertex are:

  • Certified Locators
  • NULCA member
  • Telstra Copper & Optic Fibre Accredited Locator
  • Fully trained in hydro-excavation

Contact Vertex and we will promptly coordinate your locations, and have you ready to dig in the shortest possible time.