An ongoing investment in your critical electrical assets…

Your electricity assets are a critical investment, and the cost is great if they go offline, so their ongoing management and maintenance is essential.

Vertex have extensive experience in all areas of electricity asset maintenance, including:

  • Generation
  • Zone sub-station
  • Sub-transmission, and
  • Distribution

We work closely with our customers to understand business needs and assess risk. This comprehensive approach – combined with our wealth of knowledge, skills and specialist equipment – allows us to provide the best advice to your business.

We can plan – and deliver – the most economical maintenance strategy for your business.


High voltage services include:

  • Transformer and Cable Testing
  • Oil Sampling
  • Thermography
  • Earth Testing
  • Sub-station Maintenance
  • Powerline Maintenance and Vegetation Management
  • Maintenance Plan Development
  • Shutdown Work

Infrared Thermal Detection (Thermography):

Thermal imagery is one of the best forms of non-intrusive preventative maintenance, allowing identification of faulty equipment while it is still in operation. Corrective maintenance can then be planned to best fit with its operation, and avoid any unexpected and costly interruptions.

Vertex have electricians experienced in the use of thermal imagery. We can provide your business with comprehensive inspection reports, and advice for planned maintenance of your assets.

Thermal imaging is effective for:

  • Commercial switchboards
  • Processing and manufacturing facilities
  • High voltage equipment
  • Sub-stations
  • Electric motors and control equipment
  • Medical facilities
  • Critical assets

Vegetation Management:

Vertex also offers a professional tree maintenance and removal service. We are fully insured and have a 14m cherry picker available to assist in maintaining vegetation around overhead service lines and in hard to reach areas.

Contact Vertex for an economical assessment, plan and management of your critical assets.